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G Yoo


Mar Yapı which brings together the YOO brand that has placed its signature in the most important metropolises around the world such as Miami, London, Berlin, St. Petersburg, New York, Moscow, Paris, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Munich and Toronto, with the G concept, takes to the fore luxury and splendor in every detail of the project that is brought to life on Basın Ekspres Road.

G YooG Yoo

At the intersection of
E5 and TEM highways

G YooG Yoo

On the subway

G YooG Yoo

17 min. away from
Istanbul Airport

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is not only the most famous designer of the present times but also the most successful one in terms of versatility.

Starck has created living spaces which leave a trace, with the vision to improve people’s lives through design, and has converted an unsophisticated tool for daily use such as a lemon squeezer into a work of art.

Philippe Starck designs houses, hotels and restaurants in the same way as a director shoots a movie. He develops a scenario which distances people from the monotonousness of each day, and carries them to a creative and imaginary mental world. He uses his various skills at YOO inspired by Starck in creating unique, breathtaking and exciting living spaces.

G Yoo

Culture arises from the intertwining of the objects and ideas of the past, which Starck embraces with passion and to which he is bonded, that have been beautifully and elegantly produced, with the most surprising designs of the present times. The result is a mesmerizing mixture which has an impressive feeling. The Culture palette which has richness and boldness in its spirit, always looks to the future despite having a strong perception of history.

G Yoo

The Nature palette is a special option for those who love clean air, blue skies, the scent of the rising sun, purity and simplicity. This style draws inspiration from the city dwellers’ dominant and rooted yearnings for nature. The colors and materials which are used are selected from fine natural hues; pastel colors are comprised with the combination of wood which is bleached with the sun and the sea, the sand and pebble grey, with a soft green.


Istanbul’s new design and lifestyle is rising on Basın Ekspres Road.

  • G Yoo

    On the route to the subway

  • G Yoo

    At the intersection of E5 and TEM highways

  • G Yoo

    17 minutes from the İstanbul Airport

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